Temporary kitchen & barrier

Ways we protect you and your property...

This is our current project:

This is how we protect your family and your property from most of the construction dust and VOC'S (Volatile Organic Compounds) during our occupied remodels.

Barrie system for this remodel (bottom image) going 14' high to the vaulted ceiling, with a sliding door, keeping some noise and most dust away.

Whole house HEPA air scrubber removing 1,500 cubic feet of air and particulates per minute and catching it into the filters, creating a negative pressure within the construction area.

And, this is how we make it convient.

We install a complete kitchen (top three images), including dish washer, sink, garbage disposal, microwave, electric range, and refrigerator with water, before we even start demolition for this young family of five who live out of their fridge.